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1 a dense clusters of flowers or foliage; "a head of cauliflower"; "a head of lettuce" [syn: head]
2 fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn [syn: ear, spike]
3 the upper branches and leaves of a tree [syn: crown, treetop] [also: capitula (pl)]

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  1. A densely clustered inflorescence or seedhead, composed of a large number of individual flowers or seeds.
  2. The head-like mouthpart apparatus of a tick, including the palpi, mandibles, and hypostome.
  3. entomology obsolete The enlarged end of a proboscis.
  4. A small protuberance on a bone which articulates into another bone to form a ball-and-socket joint.



  1. head-like structure
  2. chapter

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The term Capitulum can refer to several things:
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